Saturday, February 5, 2011

Caffeine, Chocolate and a Cup of Curiosity

It's Saturday morning on this side of the planet and I'm popping in for a quick post even if I'm not supposed to be here. Curiosity killed the posting schedule.

I saw this article on fave Super Bowl Snacks on The Huffington Post and it made me terribly curious about what your go-to food/drinks are for reading or writing.

Coffee with a dash of cinnamon is my brew of choice for reading and writing. When I revise, I've got to have a ridiculously large glass of Coke Zero on ice. Chocolate is my reward for hitting my wordage goal for the day. How about you?


locke said...

I like salty peanuts washed down by Coke Zero.
Or a fudgy chocolate cake washed down by Coke Zero. Spicy chips do the trick too, as long as they're washed down by Coke Zero. In fact, anything I can crunch or munch will do, as long as they're washed down by Coke Zero.(This is not a paid advertisement.)

ONID said...

'tato chips alternating with any milk chocolate with nuts washed down with Coke Light is Nirvana = )

EQ said...

There's nothing like a refreshing cup of Ceylon tea.

Anonymous said...

Cheesecake, a latte and then Tums after 30 minutes.

Hillary Jacques said...

I have a seasonal disorder where I tend to write a lot around Halloween. And then I tend to consume a lot of Swedish Fish (all the kids want the chocolate). The rest of the year, it's coffee, popcorn (very light on the butter, out of respect for mouse and keyboard), or wine.

Scrollwork said...

I don't dare eat near my laptop, but I do like the occasional cup of tea or coffee. My hubby and I have the bad habit of reading at the dinner table, so I guess the answer as to what we like to eat when we read is—whatever is for dinner! And then we interrupt each other's concentration all the time by piping up random comments on what we're reading. So very Ma and Pa Kettle of us.

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Locke - A kindred spirit! I can't imagine what life was like before Coke Zero!

ONID - Nothing comes close to a mouth adventure that covers sweet, salty, and FIZZZZZZZZZ :-)

EQ - Quiet time and tea...ahhh... :)

OCMom - Um, yes. After a combo like that, I would need Tums too! ;)

Hillary - Oooh! Popcorn! That's an idea! (Swedish Fish trivia - Did you know that the green fish flavor isn't lime? It's pineapple!)

Scrollwork - I think stringing up those random dinner comments might be a very interesting read! :)