About Sam

In an alternate universe, I am Dr. Who’s faithful companion, traveling through time with him and constantly rearranging furniture on the TARDIS. I am also Oprah’s best friend and Ellen’s favorite Friday night poker buddy. And did I mention that I have legs that would make Giselle Bundchen hang her head down in shame? In this one, I am a five foot two rabid Dr. Who fan (I miss you, David Tennant) who still can’t imagine life without the Oprah show, but is consoling herself with large doses of Ellen and bread pudding. 

I fell in love with Europe’s cobbled streets and damp castles when I moved to the Netherlands as a teenager.  Since then, I have spent nights huddled next to my backpack on a Greek beach, honeymooned in Paris, and attended business meetings in Dusseldorf in the pleasant company of a corporate credit card. Before Ever After was inspired by my experiences living, studying, and traveling through Europe.  This is my first novel.