Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Secrets

I’m writing this at 5:30 a.m. - before another part of me gets up - the part that will say that it’s a bad idea. Hopefully, the part of me that knows how to type in the dark is awake enough to prevent this post from looking like gibberish.

There’s something magical about Sunday mornings when the world is still asleep and only the universe is around to hear you. You can whisper your most secret hopes and dreams into your pillow and not worry about sounding greedy or audacious. On Sunday mornings, it’s okay to want too much.

A more experienced blogger friend of mine told me that no one reads blogs on weekends. Thank God. I don’t think I would have the courage to post this if I thought anyone was going to read it. It’s Sunday morning and I’m here to whisper my secret.

There’s a part in BEFORE EVER AFTER where I wrote:

“Instant coffee, followed closely by fat-free mayo, was the biggest lie ever told to humankind, Shelley thought. Her life with Max had just leap- frogged over it. All three looked exactly like what they were pretending to be on the outside, but the truth inside was a different matter. She could not digest any of them.”

I neglected to include another lie. People have asked me how I feel about my book being published. I always answer that I couldn’t be happier – that I couldn’t ask for anything more. This is a lie. The pillow beneath my head knows the truth. It hears the dreams I whisper when I think no one else – including myself – can hear. I want more…

I want people – lots and lots and lots of people to read BEFORE EVER AFTER. I want them to know Max and Shelley’s story. I want Max and Shelley to walk around inside their heads and keep them company on rainy afternoons. I want people to love them as much as I do. I want four little words to be printed above the title of the book: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER.

Audacious? Yes. Greedy? Of course. But it’s a secret and it’s Sunday morning. It’s okay to want too much.


EQ said...

Samantha:I have pre-ordered! Kindle version.

Scrollwork said...

Your experienced blogger friend has one version of the truth, and other bloggers have another. Some people do read some blogs on some weekends. I'm reading your blog this weekend, but I read your blog any day you have a new post, anyway. I don't take the term "follower" lightly ; )

With my blog, since I haven't pegged a niche, I have readers who come more for the topic than the timing. So some weekend posts have even generated more comments than others, but perhaps that was due to the subject matter. Can you tell I like being unscientific about these things?

Two words women usually have some hesitation saying out loud: I WANT. On FB, one of my friends even gave me unsolicited advice that to want something badly is to practically guarantee I won't get it. I say phooey on that! That's just perpetuating the mind shackles.

So, want all you want, and may you get it all!

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

EQ - Thank you! :)
Scrollwork - So true that "WANT" seems to be a four letter word (oh, wait. It is - but you know what I mean ;-)). Off with the mind shackles! :)