Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday Field Trip: A Secret Garden

Hey, campers! We’re going on our first Slight Detour Field Trip! Today we’re headed to a special place I like to lose myself in from time to time. It’s a place I go to when I need to be reminded that you can find the most amazing surprises just about anywhere if you look closely enough. Here’s a sneak peek at our slight detour. (Photos and captions courtesy of SCROLLWORK)

A glimpse of what's possible

When the puppy next door isn't pushing her nose through the hole, begging for a petting, I can pretend that the pixies who flit through my flower garden perch mid-flight and get silhouetted against the light. – SCROLLWORK

Buns of stone


Phoenix post-departure

Art happens. Life moves along whether or not you note the details. A chicken powdered in tandoori leaves an imprint on the pan. Not quite the Shroud of Turin, but somewhat esoteric. Life moves along. Except for the chicken. - SCROLLWORK

What are you waiting for? Follow the red umbrella and we’re off!

Secret Garden

Special thanks to SCROLLWORK for sharing her lovely world with us!


EQuanimity said...

What lovely pictures!

locke said...

I've been a fan of Scrollwork's photography for a while now, so I'm glad your red umbrella is showing the way to others, too.

ernesto said...

Presentaciones con fabulosas fotografías de naturaleza, humor, espectaculares!

Scrollwork said...

Dear Sam,

You rock! I am constantly amazed by the creative ideas that spring from you. I am deeply honored by the field trip you chose to bring to my Secret Garden on flickr.

Laudino said...

thanks for the trip Sam . . . I certainly needed that today. = )

ernesto said...

Senora Samantha: Que bonito.Puedes tener tu jardin secreto en cualquier rincon del mundo. Con mi ipad y una copita de vino, me gustaria leer tu novela (en Espanol).Ernesto

Cat said...

Those are some lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them.

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Thanks, guys! I'm so glad you enjoyed our little adventure. I'm looking forward to going on more SLIGHT DETOURS with you every Friday. It's a date!

ernesto said...

Samantha:te invito a nuestra fiesta en Pamplona,Espana. Mis compatriotas quieren saber de tu novela,"Before Ever After".Tenemos muchos jardines secreto aqui en Pamplona.

C.M. Villani said...

Love those photos, Sam. Nature is always a great place to go and just focus yourself.
I've got a place just like that. Alas....its under about two feet of snow right now. :/

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Ernesto - I love Spain and would love a chance to visit your country again!
C.M. - Thank you! Happy to know that you have a place to retreat to as well (even if it is buried under two feet of white anticipation) :)